Just for a moment


Hypp… … … …   How you doing? No long introduction here but I’ve been trying to write back here a few times before. And now I finally got the time. Perhaps I should try back to jot everything in a piece of paper and rewrite them back here. I’m still here. Doing my own stuffs. And all the stories…

Thailand Getaway Part 1 – Pattaya

Travel Travelogue

Hi. Let’s just go straight to the point. If I’m not blogging this right now, no way I’m going to do it later. Plus I took one week break from that small business since all my family will gather here next week for Eid celebration.   Ok, Let’s talk about the trip. First of all, there was no preparation or…

Just Need to Write


July 3 was the last post here. One month? Where have I been hiding? Pretty sure some of my friends we wondering. No more twittering, and Instagraming. Yup, you can’t find me anywhere except when I want to be. **** So let’s recap what happened back then. The end of fasting month and then Hari Raya. Everything was just ordinary…

The Starter Is Always Painful


After more than 10 days, I’m back to write here. Probably shouldn’t promise before but the real life just started to jump within myself. And I got no words on how to describe the feeling of being back home. The feeling to a new life. And the feel to start everything new again. And I trully hate CHANGE. Bigger change….

The Most Exhausted Travel Journey Ever


  Hey, it’s me again. Long time no see for a few couple weeks. I’m sorry but I was so busy settling myself at home. If you already knew, I’m back in Malaysia! One week already and it was so fast. There’s a lot of things that I want to talk about but time aren’t really enough right now. It’s…