Who inspires you?


Let say I’m in a good mood *while listening to Spanish songs* This is the moment when I want to write. Because the feeling is so genuine and it does put a lot of good vibes while doing it. ********** Who inspires you? Just watched someone’s Q&A from Youtube. Just an ordinary person. But it does tell a lot about…

I’m back.

2016 Life Update

Hey, you and you… Let’s take a deep breath and welcome back. First of all, I’ve been meaning to write a few times before but because it has been ages since I logged in, so the site wasn’t really being good and it end up no connection at all. Most items weren’t up to date. But today, I stole some…

Let’s wrap up the 2015


To be honest, I wasn’t really remember what happened in the first 6 months of 2015 except that I graduated from degree. That’s all I could think about right now. And those of my friends. It has been really cloudy probably because those wasn’t really important of what? Just forget about it. Maybe it’s already been wrapped 6 months ago….