Life Update: Happy 24th!

2017 Life Update

2.27 am. 9 April 2017

Today is my birthday. No joke. 24 years old.
It’s nearly a year since the last post published but I did wrote some of the travel stories but it never went out. Of course, not finished. Yet. Or forever as draft.
By the way, hi!!!

I’ve always being meaning to write here but I usually want to write something worth, so it never get written. Like since forever.

Well, now I’m writing with the iPad using the Notes. Because pretty sure laptop would be a distraction for me to just finish a paragraph.


Most of my friends probably wondering what had happened in my life. They usually sneaked on this blog hoping that i could publish any stories. Sorry guys. No Facebook updates, no Instagram Stories. Just Twitter. Sometimes. But only for my inner circle (circle) friends.

Well, what could i possibly tell?

There’s not a lot of things happening except a few things. Where to start?

Work: Im still managing my online shop. Most of my times were spent there. (Well, if not there, on the bed). It has been a year and half now and all i could say about it, it has been a real journey and it changed my life a lot.

To be honest, this creative job is all about changes. Or evolves. Making something new. When I thought i was pretty much perfecting everything, here comes another ideas. And another one. And another one. It’s always refreshing and the brain keeps thinking. That’s what is the busy about.

Family: Yes I’m still living at home with my parents and 4 siblings here. Being at home near to my family really made me be more responsible. To help my parents with everything. It’s my job right now to share the responsibility. Before i get married and have my own family.

Financial: Working on my own does pay me better than I expected. Although every month, i kind of worried that does this month gonna make it or not? Is it gonna be better or worse? But He’s the best planner and I’m grateful with everything right now. *I did paid all my students loan earlier this year. Like finished and done!


What else to say?

I probabbly would like to write about work stuffs related in the future. Tutorials and some motivation etc. I have no interesting stories to tell for the time being. Travel? Probably in Aug/Sept. Oh yeah, I’ve been spending a lot of money this past 3 months. Some of the savings. Mostly for future related and adult stuffs. Investment. So gotta keep the saving back in the track since there’s more responsibilities to come.

And yeah it’s 2.46 am right now. My sleep schedule pretty much mess up now. Because I work usually from 10am to 1pm. Taking evening nap and start back with night shift 8 till 11pm. It’s flexible hours and not everyday. Sometime it can be more or less. I usually work based on my moods because my creative juices works that way.

Let’s stop here. Got nothing to tell anymore. Gotta edit all the wrong spelling and transfer to WordPress tomorrow. Or else, it won’t ever get published.

Thanks you. See you later! Adios…