Who inspires you?


Let say I’m in a good mood *while listening to Spanish songs*

This is the moment when I want to write. Because the feeling is so genuine and it does put a lot of good vibes while doing it.


Who inspires you?

Just watched someone’s Q&A from Youtube. Just an ordinary person. But it does tell a lot about this person. Set aside what he’s talking and being a listener, you know he’s a good person way beyond that you want him to be one of your awesome friends and hangout together.

I think I’ve wrote this subject before somewhere long time ago but never mind. Let refresh it and up a little bit. It’s adult thinking now…

And hi to my friends if you keep reading my stories here. Sneaky yeah?


My friends got motivated because how they saw me being motivated. And how does I got motivated? There’s a lot of things that kept inspiring me to be better. Day by day. And to be able wake up in the morning saying ” I want to do this”.

  1. People on social medias

Instagram and Youtube are the main stream for my resources. I’ve been telling that strangers do teach me a lot of things. They keep giving positive vibe everyday and as down to earth people, these personalities are the bits that make this world beautiful.

Of course you just know a side of the story but never mind. You don’t need the whole story. The concept is just being positive. No drama or nothing that will keep you distracted.

2.  Articles

I love reading short articles. Especially from news, Facebook or Snapchat. The stories of these people sometimes were out of my mind. Like they do stuffs that people don’t.

So I started digging into their social medias, get to know more, their stories and etc. Because it’s high possibilities their lives are already about that. The success and all the hardwork.

3.  Ordinary people

One of the most interesting thing that I found is I love to see the progression. The work behind the scenes and everything. Especially small business people who just started the ventures. It’s like watching a baby growing up. You can see what’s happening throughout the progress and it’s really exciting to see they go through with it.


Not sure what I’m talking about actually. Gotta sign out now. Sorry for bambling. See you again!!!


  • Agree with 1st point! Especially when travelling, we get to meet strangers or new people. If we really tried to understand or watch them, there will always be something to learn from them