I’m back.

2016 Life Update

Hey, you and you…

Let’s take a deep breath and welcome back.

First of all, I’ve been meaning to write a few times before but because it has been ages since I logged in, so the site wasn’t really being good and it end up no connection at all. Most items weren’t up to date.

But today, I stole some time. Because I got a lot of things to talk about. Well, because I just read this travel blog who made 1 Million within 3 years, so it kinds of giving me the urge to be back here. Not that I want 1 Million for this.

What’s the stuffs to talk about?

Next week will be Eid on Wed, so I’m currently in vacation mode from my shop for two weeks. Because it’s an online shop, I do not want to close it and lose any customers, so let’s just slow it down for this week and take LOTS of rest for it.


One Year Anniversary

You got that. This month (June) marks my one-year of my online shop. It is a lot to digest for but I can’t believe it has been this long. Ups and downs and that and those. It’s a freaking year!!!

I did get emotional sometimes thinking back about this. How I started it before and the progress keep going day by day. A lot of changes and it gets better and better.

And to top all of that, I made it myself. Self-learning and bla bla bla. From production, financial, marketing and so on, it’s a tiring job (full of anxiety) but it is manageable.

It’s really hard actually when I simply made my own products. The satisfaction of making everything perfect for your customers and either to gain profit or loss, there’s A LOT of choices had been made.


But I’m happy.

It’s like an adventure for me. To make new things everyday and see how it goes well or not. Not to mention, my brain sometimes can explode for thinking too much. It’s the juicy of creativity which I can’t help. If you happen to have friends like me, then you’ll get that.

The thing about creativity is there’s no pit stop for it. It keeps going every single seconds. I want to do that, do this, fix those and the lists go on. Pretty much about to create.


It’s not an easy job but…

It’s doable. One of the precious thing I learnt, you can’t be perfect. For the first time, second time or later on, there’s always some flaws. So it’s your job to fix it, observe, analyze and make changes.

And it won’t happens within short amount of time.

Be patience.

It took me an entire year to get a better production but still they won’t be perfect. But it is 200% better right now rather than the first time I started this.


Am I lucky?

All I can say, I earned more than enough. To think about that, yes it may had something to do with luck. But above all that, efforts is what count. Every single seconds you’re working for it, that’s the effort. To make it better than before. And with little bit of luck, it can be more than enough.

All I could say, don’t quit.

People says negative things about it because they aren’t they one doing that. Plus they don’t think you’l l be able to make it. So just believe in yourself is that matter.



Getting longer here and it’s time to say goodbye…