Let’s wrap up the 2015


To be honest, I wasn’t really remember what happened in the first 6 months of 2015 except that I graduated from degree. That’s all I could think about right now. And those of my friends. It has been really cloudy probably because those wasn’t really important of what?

Just forget about it. Maybe it’s already been wrapped 6 months ago. Thank you.

So let’s talk about what’s left.

The past 6 months.

Living at home. ( The longest time I had ever stay at home since I was 12. Really? Yeppp).

It has been a great moments to spend time with my family, especially my siblings who’s still in schools. These are the precious time before they go to the boarding school like I was or maybe I’ll move somewhere else on my own, get married, and have my own family.

And having  my own job give me the opportunity to treat them and support my parents. Not so much but it is a new thing that everyone eventually will learn. Have I covered this topic? Probably.


This year marked down my success in getting THAT degree which I’m not doing anything about it. And it was an exciting moment that I finally out of THAT country. It was like I’m breathing again and having a new life right now. The one that I’m not going to waste. AGAIN.



  1. Graduate with better result that I expected. Actually back in 2011, I never thought that I could survive it.
  2. Saying goodbye to my uni friends. They are amazing. Lovely and anything that I could hope for. It’s so sad right now that we no longer can spend time together at cafe, having fun conversations and thinking/planning about our future. It’s totally the best moments that I wouldn’t take it for granted.
  3. Coming home and start my own business.

I planned a lot during my free time before I was graduated. Because I knew that I want to do something else that people around me might not support.

But today, I can say, JUST DO IT.

Maybe I’m lucky enough that those plans turn out to be better that I was expecting, but I should believe that it came totally from my HARD WORK. My friends would agree with it. Even though I’m not.

Because I’m such a rebeller. I tend not to do something that I hate. It’s one of that kind of anxiety that I’m trying to make it works. But nevertheless, everything is working good now and hope more to be come in the future.