Meeting friends and being vulnerable


Coz my friends deserve an entry for this comeback.


Vulnerable? I did wrote about it before title The Art of Being Vulnerable. Reading it back, wow, everything that I said was totally true. Did I wrote that?

This weekend has been a short getaway for me. It’s really nice to change up a little bit and get a new surrounding. (not looking into my office 24 hours). And it did gave me space to be back writing here. Thanks to that.

I wouldn’t coming here (my friend’s wedding) for simple reasons unless I did get something from it. And by the way, congrats to Husna & Shahrir then. Happy ending to both of you.

They are my degree friends. For the past 4 years before. You all might have seen them in the past entries throughout the years. All of us have finally graduated and it has been 3/6 months for us since we graduated. I’m really happy to see that all of us are heading towards their own plans and work their butts off.

Each of them has different stories. I may not know all of these but some are enough for me.

It’s true that we all are in totally different directions now and it’s not the right thing to compare whose better than others. It won’t make sense and everyone has their own rate of success.

But for me, having these distinct kind of success really help me in a few things.

If they succeed in their own lives, why won’t we?

How do we rate our own success in our own lives?

Just ask yourself. It’s all about you. Can you do it better or is it enough? Of course you can always make room for harder efforts. And these people help me to rate myself and where I should be.

Push more, more and more.

There’s no limit for everything.



These friends are those who were with me during my hard time period. Some of them maybe aren’t close enough but we were in the same situation. We knew what happened and we’d been there too. That’s why I could rate each of us and put myself among them. Plus, there are really great and awesome peeps.


Gotta go now.

And by the way, one of the reason that I could write back here because my friends asked me to keep writing. Guess they want to know what’s going on with my life. Espc my ex-roomate. ( Hahaha).

Will be back soon.