Just for a moment




How you doing?

No long introduction here but I’ve been trying to write back here a few times before. And now I finally got the time. Perhaps I should try back to jot everything in a piece of paper and rewrite them back here.

I’m still here. Doing my own stuffs. And all the stories might be shared or might not. Here’s a couple things that I really want to talk about.


Missing here and social medias?

No more Instagram pics or on Twitter? Even this blog?

It’s a big yess. It has came to my sense that I’m not longer part of that. It’s just I’m feeling more mature to myself and able to separate different things which aren’t right for me. Everything I did, I wanted it to be reflected back to me.

All the pics and tweets, let just say that’s not for me.


Happy New Year and 6th months of my works.

This is the time that I could take a deep breathe and look back what had happened to me. It’s the end of 2015 and maybe I should read some of the past entries here. But the thing that I could remember, I wanted this year to change from the pasts.

And it did.

In a whole new situation that I could never imagine or describe before.


Sorry friends.

I just got back from meeting some ‘old’ friends and actually they did stalked me and looking forward for what I’m doing right now. Coz I guess, it’s my ‘silent moment’ for me for the past few months before.

Didn’t everyone has that situation where you don’t want to share that ‘thing’ until you’re totally concerned about it? Then, you can agree with me.

These past 6 months have been a trial for me to create my own paths. Literally drawing my own life and where next to be. It was an exhausting journey that could top the study journey that I’ve been before.


Well, I got a lot to talk about that and I think I could share some of them. And I’m really looking forward to keep writing here. Because this medium has been the starter for myself to start believing and creating who am I now.

Do not find me on Instagram, FB, twitter because I won’t be there.

I’ll keep sharing in more structural things later.

See u soon.